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Ending a tenancy

Rent Payments.

Tenants have a responsibility to pay rent up to, and including, the last day of the tenancy.

Vacating the Property

Cleaning and removal of belongings should be done by the last day of the tenancy. Tenants will usually not be allowed access to the property once the tenancy has finished.
The tenant should arrange for the return of all keys to the landlord or their agents and should take a record of utility meter readings.

Deposit Release

An exit inspection of the property should be undertaken when the condition is compared to the original in-going inventory. The tenant will be responsible for any cleaning etc. required or any damage caused, over and above fair wear and tear. The landlord will usually look to retain an amount from the deposit to cover the cost of these items.

Both the landlord and tenant, possibly with the assistance of the letting agent, should agree on any deductions to be made before the deposit is distributed.

Where an agreement has been reached, the landlord, or his agent, should return the agreed amount to the tenant within 10 days.

In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, the undisputed portion of the deposit should be released within 10 days, and the remainder should be referred to the relevant Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme. That scheme organisation will then adjudicate as to the fair allocation of the disputed deposit.

NB In some circumstances a claim can be made against a tenant or landlord in the courts. In such an event the TDP scheme will defer to the courts.

Early Termination

It is occasionally possible for a fixed term tenancy to be terminated early. This can only be done with the landlord’s consent. The landlord is, of course, under no obligation to agree to such a request. In the event that the landlord is amenable, the tenant would normally be liable to pay rent up to the date that a replacement tenancy starts and to cover some, or all, of the landlord costs associated with the start of that new tenancy.