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Homeowners willing to pay more for fast broadband  Image

17th June 2019
Homeowners willing to pay more for fast broadband

A speedy broadband connection was the third most important factor for people when choosing an area to live in, according to broadbandchoices.
The broadband, mobile and TV comparison site polled 2,155 UK homeowners and found that a reliable broadband connection was more important than living close to good nurseries and schools for 57% of respondents.

Living close to friends and relatives was a priority for 38% of respondents, followed by shops and amenities (35%). When asked what factors of a property were important, fast broadband was placed above having a spare bedroom or storage space.

Additionally, 62% of those asked would be willing to increase an offer on a property if superfast broadband connection was guaranteed, with 25% stating they could increase their offer by £3,000-£5,000 and 10% claiming they would increase an offer by over £5,000.

The survey revealed that accessing streaming services was the main reason people need a good internet connection, followed by communicating via social media, WhatsApp and email (62%), online shopping (57%) and being able to work from home (25%).

However, access to broadband was delayed by at least 2-3 weeks after moving into a new home for 46% of respondents, while only 28% had immediate access. This could be particularly troublesome for those that work from home.

Mark Pocock, home communication expert at broadbandchoices, explained: “Moving to a new house can be a problematic and stressful time, and these results emphasise how crucial a reliable and fast broadband connection can be to reduce any further needless roadblocks in the way of a smooth transition to a new area.”

He said that many homeowners can feel disconnected and inconvenienced without an internet connection – making it an essential requirement for many homeowners.

“Ensuring an area and a new house can provide this before committing to a purchase should certainly be considered as an aspect to research when house hunting,” he concluded.

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Homeowners willing to pay more for fast broadband  Image

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