From offshore into a first home

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Meet the landlord: Natalie

“Peter Ball & Co were fantastic, the sellers were fantastic. Everyone wanted it to move quickly, and it worked.”

When everyone is on the same page - when the agent is there for the buyer, when they come through for them at the bleakest time - that’s when good things can happen. Sometimes everything can move fast, too.

“Emily was a superstar. She became my confidant, she was absolutely fantastic!”

How things can turn around in just one day

Natalie moved back to the UK last year after spending a period of time working offshore. She wanted to put her money into her first ever property, having lived in eight different places over the past few years.

Natalie had been on the verge of buying a house through Peter Ball & Co, which unfortunately fell through. On the day this happened, Emily from our Cheltenham branch contacted Natalie about a house that wasn’t even on the market yet.

“Emily said that I just needed to come and see this house, that it was just what I wanted. I was at work, disappointed about the original house falling through, but she even managed to persuade me to meet her at the new place at 3pm that day rather than 5pm!”

A house that just works

Emily knew that Natalie had motorbikes, and this house came with a workshop. There was even a boot room, which was on Natalie’s list of ‘nice-to-haves’. Emily was right: it was just right!

Speeding ahead with the process

The process from there on in was seamless: it took just six-and-a-half weeks, from Natalie putting an offer in to getting the keys. Mission accomplished by Natalie, Emily, and the whole Peter Ball & Co team.

“It was a really speedy turnaround. I put all my belongings into my Ford Fiesta, and off I went. The team from the Cheltenham branch: they really did it, they were fantastic. I’m singing their praises, for sure.”