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An online tool to help first-time buyers compare costs of homes in different streets in their chosen town or city has just been launched.

The ‘Property Wars’ tool allows users to choose a location and then takes them to an interactive page which shows average property prices by street from the least to the most expensive.

Prices are presented as an interactive board game with property cards which allow you to zone in on the streets in your price range. You can then follow links to Google Maps which allow you to examine the street in more detail.

As well as providing property prices, the tool also lets you see which four train stations are in the surrounding area.

According to Thomas Sanderson, the window furnishing company which created the tool, the cheapest street for average property prices was in Etherly Close in Durham where the typical cost of a home was £11,165.

The most expensive, meanwhile, was on the Boltons, in London, where the average property would set a buyer back £37,720,000.
Richard Petrie, marketing director for Thomas Sanderson, said: “It can often be a hard and convoluted process to find out the cost of properties and how they compare to other areas and other cities, particularly first-time buyers.

“We created this tool so that potential buyers can easily find out the average cost of properties in a given city and have quick browse at what they look like.”

You can view the Property Wars tool by clicking here.

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