Boots Corner Update from Alex Chalk

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Although national politics is currently dominated by the ongoing Brexit negotiations, I wanted to provide an update regarding a key issue here in Cheltenham - the closure of Boots Corner. As you may recall, my Boots Corner petition, with 5,200 signatures (and counting) was set to be presented to the Borough Council at their next full Council meeting.

I can confirm that this presentation took place on Monday 10 December. As a result, a separate debate on this issue has now been triggered.

This will take place in the Cheltenham Borough Council offices on Monday 21 January at 6pm. You can find more details, including how to submit a public question for the meeting HERE

In the meantime, I thought you might be interested to read about the latest air quality statistics, which suggest that the Boots Corner closure is already having a negative impact upon air quality in our town, particularly in those residential areas which have seen an increase in congestion since the closure began.

Particular areas of concern include the Winchcombe Street/Fairview Road junction, where Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels have risen from 29.66 micrograms per cubic metre in October 2016 and 31.36 in October 2017 (before the Boots Corner closure) to 42.02 in October 2018.

That latter figure, if continued across the year, would breach the legal limit of 40 μg/m3 ann. Gloucester Road has also seen an increase from an already high 45.65 μg/m3 in October 2017 to 47.23 in October 2018.

Meanwhile, the data from the newly installed air quality monitoring point on Princess Elizabeth Way has exceeded the 40 ug/m3 mark for the last two recorded months (41.24 in September and 43.37 in October 2018).

These are the Council’s own figures and I would hope they are openly considered when councillors finally debate this issue later this month.

May I also take this opportunity to wish you a very happy New Year.

Best wishes,

Alex Chalk

MP for Cheltenham

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