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Like any other large town, Cheltenham is made up of lots of different areas, each with their own character and appeal. With five branches in and around Cheltenham, we thought it was time we took a look at what it is that these different areas have to offer anyone looking to move, and what draws people to a certain place. Starting with Leckhampton, we sat down with Branch Manager, Dee Hyatt, to get her take on why Leckhampton makes a perfect place to live:

'I think one of the things that first and foremost makes Leckhampton so wonderful is the locality of the Bath Road. We're so lucky to have bespoke, independent shops that flourish in this area, and it gives a real sense of community and almost a village-like feeling too.'

Dee, who lives in Leckhampton and has worked for Peter Ball & Co for the last 20 years, also loves the mix of people you find in the area: ‘There’s a real spread of age groups across the area. You’ve got your professionals who work at the local hospitals or GCHQ; you’ve got young couples and families, and also the older generation, who have retired to the area. It’s a real cross-section of ages, which, again, makes for a lovely place to live as the community is so varied.’

Another draw of Leckhampton is the fantastic schools in the area. Two local primary schools - Naunton Park and Leckhampton Primary - are both rated outstanding, and with £30 million being spent on the new senior school in the area, set to open in 2022, Leckhampton is a fantastic place to raise a family.

Dee Hyatt branch manager leckhamptonDee Hyatt, Branch Manager Leckhampton

'One of the other things I love about the area is its location,' Dee added. 'I love dog walking and walk to Leckhampton Hill three times a week, which has breathtaking views. But you’re also not far from the motorways, meaning you have easy access to other places. It's the best of both worlds: a leafy suburb but easily accessible.'

Having worked in the area for the last two decades, we had to ask Dee about the property in Leckhampton, and what makes it so sought-after. 'I think it’s the character that each individual property has,' Dee commented, 'that is such a big draw for homeowners. You can have a row of houses and each one be entirely different from its neighbour, which makes it so interesting to be a valuer in this area. I think there's a real creative vibe in properties in Leckhampton as well. People love the character that their homes have and play around with it, resulting in really interesting developments and beautiful presentations. You never know what you’re going to find when walking through the door of a property in Leckhampton, which I think makes it all the more wonderful.'

If you're looking to make the move to Leckhampton, or would like a valuation on your property, give Dee and her team a call on 01242 261400.

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